Easter Bunny With Large Photo - Composite


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Easter is nearly here, and with the coronavirus keeping us all safely at home these days, many of our kiddos didn't get to see the Easter bunny this year. Help ease a little of that sadness with this fun and unique alternative!

Simply purchase this listing and then send an email to mandyringephotography@gmail.com with the photo you would like the Easter bunny to be holding. I will then add it to my image and email you the finished full resolution image along with a print release. You don't have to use a fancy camera (though if you have one, feel free to play with it!), cell phone images will work just fine too. If you would like me to use an image from a session we have had together, just let me know! If you would like to use an image taken by another photographer, you will need to receive written permission from them first. If you would like multiple images (ie. one image for each child) you must purchase one listing for each. However there is no limit on how many people can be in one photo!

- Don't shoot in bright light. Bright sun makes for harsh shadows that aren't flattering. Instead, find indirect light coming from a window, standing in the shade of your porch, or under a shady tree. The light within an hour or so of sunset is much softer and more flattering if you plan to shoot outside on a nice day.
- Don't stand above your children when taking the photo, try to get down to their eye level.
- If photographing more than one child/person, get them close together so everyone looks connected
- If you want to get your whole family in the shot but don't have a tripod to hold your camera or phone, get creative! Bring a kitchen chair outside - you can lean your phone against the back and set a timer, it should be at just the right height to capture your family sitting on the ground or on your front porch steps. If you need more height, bring out a ladder, stack up some boxes, etc. Then grab your kid's playdough and make a mound to shove your phone in so it won't fall over :)
- Pay attention to the background wherever you decide to take your photo. If outside avoid getting neighbor's homes or cars in the shot. Make sure there aren't colors that will distract from what your family is wearing. The brick on the side of your home, the tall bushes or trees in your yard, even your privacy fence could all make great backdrops. Or you could always hang out on your front porch or in front of your home if the light isn't too harsh.
- If taking the photo indoors, try to use natural light if possible. Turn off all overhead lights while shooting. Indoor lighting is typically very orange and it will make your skin tones look unnatural