April Outdoor Session Bookings - Retainer


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**For studio sessions, please send me a message to book*

This retainer fee reserves your session date and time. The remaining session balance is due on or before your session date.

Review my packages here: https://www.mandyringephotography.com/investment.html

The first person to book a session time on their chosen date chooses the location. All other sessions on the same date will be at this same location. If you see another session has been booked on the date you'd like, send me a message to find out the location for that date.

Full Family Sessions get priority golden hour booking. Mini sessions are booked before full sessions, and as such don't have quite as pretty light to work with. The last time slot on any given date will conclude at or very near sunset. On occasion, the location chosen will require an earlier time (ie. Fabyan Forest Preserve as it slopes downhill so the sun "sets" earlier). The time may also need to be adjusted if it is a particularly cloudy day.

After you have selected your date/time and paid the retainer fee I will send you an email with a link to my digital contract as well as a link to my locations page, or information on the location that has already been decided. Feel free to message me to see if the date you are interested in already has a location locked in.

**scroll past the available times list to get to the drop-down menu where you can select from the remaining time slots**


  • April 1st - 6:15pm (mini)
  • April 1st - 6:40pm (full)
  • April 5th - 6:15pm (mini)
  • April 5th - 6:45pm (full)
  • April 6th - 5:40pm (mini)
  • April 6th - 6:05pm (full)
  • April 6th - 6:45pm (full)
  • April 7th - 5:40pm (mini)
  • April 7th - 6:05pm (full)
  • April 7th - 6:45pm (full)
  • April 8th - 6:15pm (mini)
  • April 8th - 6:45pm (full)
  • April 13th - 5:50pm (mini)
  • April 13th - 6:15pm (full)
  • April 13th - 6:55pm (full)
  • April 14th - 5:55pm (mini)
  • April 14th - 6:15pm (full)
  • April 14th - 6:55pm (full)
  • April 15th - 6:30pm (mini)
  • April 15th - 6:55pm (full)
  • April 22nd - 6:40pm (mini)
  • April 22nd - 7:05pm (full)
  • April 29th - 6:45pm (mini)
  • April 29th - 7:10pm (full)


Image of April Outdoor Session Bookings - Retainer Image of April Outdoor Session Bookings - Retainer