2020 Silhouette Photo - Sunset 3


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With the schools closed for the remainder of the 2019/20 academic year, many of us are struggling to help our children cope. Many were looking forward to graduating, whether it was from preschool or college doesn't matter, it was something they never thought they'd have to miss. These fun silhouette photos are a way that I can help ease a little of that sadness while also capturing a bit of this unique time in an image. Your child doesn't even need to be graduating, the graduation cap doesn't need to be included!

Simply purchase this listing and then send an email to mandyringephotography@gmail.com with the photo you would like me to turn into a silhouette (please include whether you want a graduation cap added, no need to buy your own!). I will then add it to my image and email you the finished full resolution image along with a print release. You don't have to use a fancy camera (though if you have one, feel free to play with it!), cell phone images will work just fine too. If you would like me to use an image from a session we have had together, just let me know! If you would like to use an image taken by another photographer, you will need to receive written permission from them first. If you would like multiple images (ie. one image for each child) you must purchase one listing for each.

- Have your subject stand in front a plain background if possible (like a wall in your home, your garage door, an interior door, etc) - this makes it easier for me to "cut" them out of the photo.
- Have your subject pose with their hands on their hips, so that they don't look as wide when turned into a silhouette. Silly poses are fine too, just make sure it involves the arms and legs since facial expressions won't show up. I will email you if I don't think your image will work
- Don't stand above your subject when taking the photo, try to get down to their eye level and shoot straight on.
- Make sure nothing is blocking the subject, I need a full body shot at least down to the ankles!
- This is one of the few times where "correct" lighting doesn't matter much. I just need to be able to make out the outline of the subject so that I can digitally remove the backdrop :) Bright light, orange light, etc, won't make any difference. That also means you don't need to press for smiles or non-squinting eyes - we won't see them in the end!

Turnaround time is 1 week or less!